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ActiveChinese Kids Edition: The Legend of The Sacred Forest SLC060


The ActiveChinese Kids Edition is a beginner level comprehensive Chinese language program designed for kids at the elementary and middle school levels.  The program is based on an adventure story and contains 12 units that are based around the Chinese Zodiac animals.  Each unit contains 3 lessons, totaling 36 lessons for the entire program.  The Kids Edition is currently available in 2 parts and the curriculum contains 36 key sentence patterns and phrases and a vocabulary covering a wide range of topics.  Chinese pronunciation (Pinyin) and an introduction to radicals are also introduced.  Each lesson follows the format of a teaching points section followed by an interactive and mutually reinforcing game and drill.  The games section is particularly effective in motivating kids to be engaged and enjoy their Chinese studies.  The CD also contains a downloadable and printable textbook and workbook, Chinese culture points, and a vocabulary list. This product is non-returnable.

Item: ActiveChinese Kids Edition: The Legend of The Sacred Forest
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