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Chinese Characters Made Easy CD-ROM SLC070


Chinese Characters Made Easy the ultimate Chinese learning kit based on Hong Kong MOE syllabus from Primary 1 to Secondary 4. Learn more than 3600 Chinese characters, their pronunciations, stroke, radical, and more with fun games. In addition, you can also learn about the origin of Chinese characters, along with Chinese poems, proses, idioms, proverbs, and Confucius "Three Characters Primers" while you practice these 3,600 characters. You can choose learn these characters in simplified character or traditional character version, you can also select English language to assist your learning.

根據香港教育署小學中國語文科課程綱要《小學常用字表》、香港教育署語文教育學院《常用字字形表》、目標為本課程《小學教學參考詞語表》和中國國家語言文字工作委員會編《現代漢語常用字表》,並綜合其他教科書的生字生詞精心編纂. ◆ 互動娛樂.引導以娛樂代替枯燥的學習思潮。 內容包羅萬象,集成 3000 多漢字; 典範普通話為準,粵語發音為輔。 一針到底貫通字形、字音、字義; 全面有效糾正誤認、誤讀、誤寫。 漢字通,通漢字,洋洋灑灑三千字。

CD-ROM, 6 Discs, System Requirements: Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP, Pentium III 733MHz or higher, 128 MB or higher
Item: Chinese Characters Made Easy CD-ROM
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