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IQ Chinese Go (CD-ROM) SLC074


Learn with IQChinese courseware and software for one month (about 20 hours) and the learner can at least double their glossary volume, according to a Chinese Culture University & IQ Technology case study that conducted pre-and-post measurement of glossary volume increase.
Significantly Increase the Motivation for Learning Chinese
Over 98% of Chinese teachers claim that the multi-media and computer based environment helps to increase students’ motivation in learning Chinese and significantly improves the learning result. Over 92% of Chinese language students’ parents claim that their children enjoy learning Chinese and were more proactive in their learning when using the IQChinese Type-to-Learn courseware.
Adapt Chinese into Daily Life
Users of IQChinese GO courseware enjoyed arranging their own rap or jazz rhythm with the IQChinese embedded “Chant” function. Similarly they enjoyed using the “Sentence Pattern” function to improve their ability to carry on a conversation in Mandarin.
Learning via Typing Makes Learning Chinese Easier Than Conventional Methods
There are three primary challenges when learning Chinese: Pronunciation and Intonation, too many homophones to remember, and too many characters to write. Learning via typing can eliminate the confusion and difficulty for the Chinese language learner. IQChinese courseware provides a “built-in” voice tutor, providing correct pronunciation 24/7. Learning with IQChinese courseware and software for one week can increase the learner’s typing speed from 3 characters per minute to 36 characters per minute.
Use Chinese to Express Yourself
Put your Chinese to use. Being able to type Chinese allows you to immediately connect with Chinese friends worldwide. Using an IM type format, you can meet Chinese who want to make friends with people like yourself.   
Please review the product unique features, product curriculum design and product details. Matching textbooks Go! Chinese and workbooks are available.

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Kindly install and register the multimedia courseware or software before the end of 9/30/2017 on your computer in order for the products to be functioned permanently. As all the related IQChinese website will be shut down after 10/1/2017, we do not guarantee that the products function normally for any computer upgrade. 

Version 3.0 for Windows (2000/XP/Vista)
Item: IQ Chinese Go (CD-ROM)
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