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The Official Album for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games (MV DVD) VCA078


Sing along to the amazing songs that catapulted to fame in China! This official MV DVD of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games features performances by China's most well-known singers and includes such favorites as "Beijing Welcomes You," "One World, One Dream" and "We Are Ready." These are the official DVDs distributed by CCTV. Please note the DVDs can only be played on a non-brand name DVD player or on every computer.

  1.  Wo Shi Ming Xing - I Am a Super Star (Zhou Huajian)
  2. Dian Ran Ji Qing, Chuan Di Meng Xiang - Alight the Passion, Pass on the Dreams (Wang Lihong, Sun Yanzi, Wang Feng and Zhang Liangyin)
  3. Zhong Guo Kan Jian - China Has Seen (Cheng Long- Jackie Chan, Tan Jing)
  4. Beijing Huanying Ni - Beijing Welcomes You (Singers)
  5. We are Ready (Singers)
  6. Forever Friends in Chinese (Singers) 
  7. Everyone is No. 1 (Liu Dehua-Andy Lau)
  8. Tian Kong - Sky (Tan Jing)
  9. Zhan Qi Lai - Stand Up (Cheng Long - Jackie Chan, Wang Lihong, Sun Yanzi and Han Hong)
  10. Yi Qi Fei - Fly Together (Tan Jing, Yan Weiwen)
  11. Ai Zai Beijing - Love is in Beijing (Sun Nan)
  12. Wo Men De Meng - Our Dream (Wang Feng)
  13. Tong Zai Lan Se Xing Qiu Shang - On the Same Blue Planet (Xie Tingfeng and Rong Zhuer)
  14. Zai Zhe Li - Here (Xie Tingfeng, Rong Zuer)
  15. Wei Sheng Ming He Cai - Cheer for Life (Han Hong and Yu Quan) 
  16. Ying Xiong - Hero (You Hongming)
  17. One World One Dream (Huang Xiaoming) 
  18. Forever Friends in English (Sun Nan, Li Mei) 

DVD, in Mandarin
Item: The Official Album for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games (MV DVD)
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