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Bilingual Children Fairytale (4 DVD) VCT074


Equally humorous, philosophical, and easy to understand, these fairytales are sure to inspire appreciation for language and literature. Encourage Chinese kids' English abilities while entertaining them! Even build their multicultural awareness.

《双语童话故事》经过精挑细选,收录了24篇世界经典童话故事。故事幽默动听,富有哲理,集寓教于乐为一体。 激发孩子对英语的兴趣,温暖孩子幼小的心灵,启发孩子做人做事的道理,让孩子受益一生。教给孩子关键的词名和地道的英语口语;熏陶孩子纯正的英语语感;锻炼孩子出众的英语听力;提高孩子的英汉双语表达能力;在潜移默化中加强对孩子的美德教育;构建孩子的多元文化意识。

DVD 01
01 公鸡和狐狸(上集) The Cock and the fox
02 公鸡和狐狸(下集) The Cock and the fox
03 亮亮洗手 Liang Liang washed his hands
04 没牙的大象 The elephant without tusks
05 蜜蜂和蝴蝶 The bee and the butterfly
06 狼和青蛙 The Wolf and the Frog
07 聪明的乌鸦 The Clever Crow
08 鸽子和蚂蚁 The Dove and the Ant
DVD 02
01 好斗的小公鸡 The Little Aggressive Cock
02 狼和小羊 The wolf and the little sheep
03 狼与鹤 The Wolf and the Crane
04 小公主 Little princess
05 狼来了(上集) The wolf is coming(section one)
DVD 03
01 小白兔种萝卜The Little Rabbit Plants Radishes
02 小妞妞看电视 Little Niu Niu Watch TV
03 白头翁 Chinese Bulbul
04 变色龙 The Chameleon
05 龟兔赛跑(上集)The Race Between A Turtle and A Rabbit
06 龟兔赛跑(下集)The Race Between A Turtle and A Rabbit
07 小猴载树 A Little Monkey Plants Trees
08 小鸟搬家 Little Bird's Moving House
DVD 04

4 DVDs, Mandarin Chinese with Chinese Subtitles, Box Size: 7.6"X5.6"X1.6"
Item: Bilingual Children Fairytale (4 DVD)
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