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Chinese Calligraphy - Elementary Level (6 DVDs) VVC080


Chinese calligraphy is the unique art of lines of China. While the learner's writing, bursh, Chinese ink, paper and ink stone bring best with each other. As the crystablization of wisdom and hardworking of Chinese people, it's not only the treasure of Chinese civilization, but also develops the new style in the treasure of the world's art and culture. this program is suitable for the beginner. The lecture is divided into two parts in which the beginner can enjoy the beauty of Chinese Calligraphy and learn the basic Chinese Calligraphy. Illustrated with the variety of the works and the pictures of the historic figures, the demonstration is detailed so that the beginner could master easily the skills and basic knowledge of Chinese Calligraphy. by working hard, the learner could cultivate their moral characters and achieve desirably and substantially.

6 DVDs, 300 minutes, in Mandarin Chinese and English, with Chinese and English Subtitles
Item: Chinese Calligraphy - Elementary Level (6 DVDs)
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