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Best of Travel - China VVC103


Don't even think of hitting the road unless you've consulted Rudy Maxa, one of the country's premier travel gurus."-Paul Theroux, Bestselling Travel Writer

Program 1: Shanghai - With its skyscrapers, trendy shops, tangled traffic, and teeming bazaars, dynamic Shanghai is an exotic blend of the modern and the traditional. Visit Shanghai's main shopping areas, Nanjing Donglu and Yuyuan Bazaar, as well as its many markets offering everything from Mao memorabilia to flowers and birds. Shanghai Museum is a treasure trove of antiquities, while modern day Buddhism is on display at the Jade Buddhist Temple. Another rich cultural tradition is the juggling, tumbling, and flying Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe. But, you haven't really seen Shanghai until you gaze upon its dazzling electric nighttime sky aboard a boat.

Program 2: Hong Kong - Rudy Maxa ventures to one of the world's most thrilling destinations, a magnificent balancing act that juggles East and West, past and present, and commerce and mysticism. Board Hong Kong's number one tourist attraction, the tram that climbs Victoria Peak, observe traditional religious practices at Wong Tai Sin Temple, take a class in the ancient design method of feng shui, and participate in two of Hong Kong's most popular pastimes, shopping and horse racing. Rudy shares tips for easy day-trips to explore Hong Kong's rural countryside and unspoiled coastline. On Lantau Island, gaze upon another of Hong Kong's premier attractions, the giant bronze Buddha.

DVD, 50 minutes, Mandarin Chinese, Chinese and English Subtitles
Item: Best of Travel - China
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