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Chinese Language Video for the Classroom (Intermediate Level) VVL079


Chinese Language Video for the Classroom -- Intermediate Level offers a collection of 28 short video clips of dialogues, interviews and stories covering 23 common topics in intermediate level Chinese. The topics and language content were selected based on a close examination of CFL textbooks used in the U.S. and Canada, providing both authentic and pedagogical materials that cover many common linguistic and communicative functions. Carefully controleed vocabulary, grammar and presentation make these DVDs appropriate for use in intermediate level Chinese classrooms. Students will also find the videos interesting as supplementary materials for independent learning. These DVDs are region free and can be viewed on both NTSC DVD players and computers. Please review the table of content.

本产品为资源型视听教学产品,为汉语教师提供可用于课堂教学的视频资源,也可用作学生的辅助自学材料。情景会话由专业演员表演并现场实地拍摄,尽可能保证语言、语境和文化的真实性。专题短片采用纪录片拍摄手法,结合对相关人士的随机采访,完整反映与中国文化相关的一个主题。DVD提供分段点播功能,方便教师课堂操作,并配有可选的中文简、繁体字幕.纸质手册含有全部视频内容的文本。 中级其3张DVD 总共包含28段情景会话、23个专题短片。请看中文目录

3 DVDs, Booklet: Simplified Chinese characters, 88 pages, 8"x5.5", Box: 10.25"x8"x1.75"
Item: Chinese Language Video for the Classroom (Intermediate Level)
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