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Customized Chinese Name Chops Express X013


In China, seal carving is traditionally recognized as one of the "Four Treasured Arts", along with painting, calligraphy and poetry. Currently, name chops or stamps are the constant companions of Chinese calligraphers and painters. Artists follow the custom of stamping their works with their name chops to "sign" them and as proof of authenticity. The bottom of the stone is your or your child's name in Chinese, packaged in a Chinese decorated box. Please note that the color and pattern of this stone can vary from seal to seal reflecting variation in the natural material used. Chinese name translation and chop face direction are included in the package. Please send us your or your child's Chinese name (if you have one) via fax, mail or jpg file. If you don't have a Chinese name, ChinaSprout can help you get a MEANINGFUL Chinese name for FREE, if you wish. Each chop can have maximum 3 Chinese characters. If you have more characters, we may choose different chops at additional charges. Please email us for more details. NOTE: Since these chops are customized made specially for you, you won't be able to return them if you have changed your mind after placing the order. To learn about Chinese Seal Carving, please visit the following pages: Seals and History of Chinese Seal Carving.

Stone, 0.8'' x 0.8'' x 2.75'', Usually ships in three weeks
Item: Customized Chinese Name Chops Express
Our Price:US$ 35.95
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