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My Little Chinese Science Story Books BLC359


Similar to My Little Chinese Stories books series, this series is focused on the topics which are related to the animals, plants, natural phenomenon etc. in daily life. With interesting stories, simple languages and colorful pictures, the readers will not only be able to learn science, but also to improve the language skills.

This series is suitable for younger readers who are learning Chinese. A CD-ROM is attached to each book. Suitable for: students at International School and overseas Chinese classes for children.


Book Titles:
1 Rainbow 彩虹
2 Tide 退潮和涨潮
3 Horrible Earthquake 可怕的地震
4 Blue Sky 蓝蓝的天空
5 Wash Your Hands 勤洗手
6 Colors of Flowers 花的颜色
7 Thorns of a Rose 玫瑰花的刺
8 Little Mushroom 小蘑菇
9 Annoying Mosquitoes 讨厌的蚊子
10 Why Plant Trees 多种树有什么好处
11 Powerful Ants 小蚂蚁有力气
12 Tooth Fairy 换牙
13 Traffic Lights 红绿灯的作用
14 Mustache of a Cat 小猫的胡子
15 Moon 月亮
16 Rabbits Ear 小兔的耳朵
17 Eat More Vegetables 多吃蔬菜
18 Recycle 回收垃圾
19 Falling Leaves 落叶
20 Little Pandas Secret 小熊猫蹭墙的秘密

By Victor Siye Bao, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters and Pinyin, 34 pages/book, 8.25"x5.5", CD-ROM

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