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My Little Chinese Story Books Vol. 1-20 BLE102


My Little Chinese Story Books Series comprises 40 books,  series 1 contains volume 1 ~ volume 20, series 2 contains volume 21 ~ volume 40. Each book with an interesting story to tell about school life or the topic learnt at school. The books are written in simple languages and have colourful pictures, which help readers to understand the story. Some exercises are provided by the end of each book to reinforce the learning. The series is suitable for young readers under the age of 15. An audio CD in Mandarin Chinese is included for each book. In simplified Chinese characters and pinyin.


1 Little Chubby 小胖
2 The Country on Two Wheels 两个轮子上的国家
3 Seeing Doctor 看病
4 My Younger Brother's Dream 弟弟的理想
5 My Chinese Teacher 我的中文老师
6 Why do We Have Exams 为什么要考试
7 Strange Bargaining 奇怪的讨价还价
8 An American in Beijing 美国人在北京
10 Chinese Dishes 中国菜
11 Big Fog In London 伦敦的大雾
12 Bet With My Teacher 跟老师打赌
13 Happy Weekend 快乐周末
14 Chinese Calligraphy 中国书法
15 Two New Students 两个新同学
16 Gift For Mother's Day 母亲节的礼物
17 Christmas Without Snow 没有雪的圣诞节
18 Travel Alone At Young Age 最早的独自旅行
19 Looking For The Pet 寻找宠物
20 Sports Day 学校的运动会

By Victor Syie Bao and Zeng Fanjing, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters and Pinyin, 26 pages/book, 8.25"x5.5", 1 CD-ROM
Item: My Little Chinese Story Books Vol. 1-20
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