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New Year Greeting Couplets - Small A823

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It is traditional to hang Chinese New Year Greeting Couplets, such as these, around the door of one's house during the Chinese New Year. These three-piece couplet sets feature traditional greetings and good wishes for things such as a very lucky year, good health and prosperity. Decorate your family's home for the New Year the same way that millions of Chinese people do throughout the world. These are truly "must have" items for the Chinese New Year, and they're easy to use: simply hang the two long couplets vertically on each side of the door, and the short one horizontally across the top of the door. Please note: the greetings you receive may look different from the image pictured here, but all the couplets have the meaning of "Wishing You Good Fortune and Good Luck for the New Year". Couplets in Simplified Chinese and Pinyin: "平安二字值千金, 和顺满门添百福", "如意吉祥" -- "Ping An Er Zi Zhi Qian Jin, He Shun Man Men Tian Bai Fu", "Ru Yi Ji Xiang".

Paper, Two Vertical Ones: 5.5''x34'' each, Horizontal: 16.75''x5.5"
Item: New Year Greeting Couplets - Small
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