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6 Vintage Tea and Espresso Cups ADY145


These tea and espresso cups are reminiscences of steel mugs produced during the 60s and 70s in China. They each feature famous quotes made by Chairman Mao, written in Chinese calligraphy by him and decorated with popular graphics of the period. The set includes six cups quoting: 为人民服务 (Serve the people), 百花齐放 推陈出新 (Hundreds of flowers are the blossoms of new ideas), 自己动手 丰衣足食 (Work with our own hands and reward ourselves with food and clothing), 好好学习 天天向上 (Study hard and improve each day), 不到长城非好汉 (If you have not reached the Great Wall, you are not a man), and 艰苦朴素 (Live simple, work hard throughout life). 

Porcelain, 2" Height, 2.2" Diameter
Item: 6 Vintage Tea and Espresso Cups
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