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Bamboo Chinese Yo-Yo AKA059


You may not have known what it was called, but we bet you've seen a Chinese Yo Yo performance either by Chinese acrobats or in a wonderful Cirque de Soleil show. Many customers have requested that we get some for them to try. We've searched long and hard, and finally found some! So, now you can enjoy playing with this seemingly simple toy that can be used for an incredible array of tricks. It's great for hand-eye coordination, and for lots of wholesome fun for adults and kids alike. To learn more about the Chinese Yo-Yo, click here. Get other traditional Chinese toys of Chinese Beyblade or Jian Zi.

Bamboo, 3.95" Diameter, Length: 5.7", Plastic Stick: 16"
Item: Bamboo Chinese Yo-Yo
Our Price:US$ 17.95
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