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DIY Tu'er'ye Paper Lanterns ANL084


Make your own lanterns with Tu'er'ye design. Tu'er'ye, the Rabbit God, is a traditional clay toy which has a human body and a rabbit face. It is a symbol that is used in Beijing to celebrate festivals, and is meant to bring good luck and to enhance the festive atmosphere. The kit comes with everything that you need to build a beautiful lantern including a handle pole so that the lantern can be carried.Celebrate the New Year with these fun, colorful paper lanterns. Hang these decorations to create a truly authentic Chinese New Year's atmosphere. The lanterns can be carried with a handle pole. The kit includes a plastic pole, 2 paper figurines, a tassel, and miniature LED light.

Paper, 8.5"x12"x2.75" Tassel Length 5" Total length 17"
Item: DIY Tu'er'ye Paper Lanterns
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