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Good Fortune DIY Chinese New Year Lantern ANL085


Use this lantern to decorate your parties, home, or business.This unique DIY lantern is designed with the Chinese characters 吉祥如意- Good Luck 平安富贵 - Safety and Prosperous, 恭喜发财 - Happy New Year. Have fun creating your own lantern and then put it on display for all to enjoy. 

灯笼是中国传统节日中的吉祥文化符号,也是人们对未来美好生活的期盼和祝福。 敲锣打鼓迎新春,张灯结彩过大年,让我们的灯笼点亮您节日的幸福时光。

Felt, Diameter 7.5", Height 10.5'', Tassel length 9"
Item: Good Fortune DIY Chinese New Year Lantern
Our Price:US$ 11.95
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