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USA 2008 Beijing Olympic Medals AOA017

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The Olympic Games are an event like no other in the world, one that promotes peace, friendly relationships, and helps to build bridges between countries, all while being on the worlds biggest scale.  As a direct part of this legacy, the U.S. Olympic Committee has authorized the release of a series of Official U.S. Olympic Team Medals for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.  These Medals have been minted and approved by the U.S.O.C. and all bear the official logo of the U.S. Olympic Team competing in Beijing.  Three separate Gold Plated, Silver Plated, and Bronze Plated Medals have been minted with three beautiful and distinctively different designs.  The designs are as follows:

-  A Bronze Plated Medal which features one of China's most instantly recognizable symbols - The Great Wall.  Featuring an impressive watchtower section of the Great Wall that originated in the 6th Century BC, this Medal has the year 2008 on the bottom underneath the Great Wall, and features the Olympic Rings and Logo to the left of the watchtower.

-  A Silver Plated Medal that features a fierce and detailed depiction of an animal commonly associated with China - the Dragon!  The Medal features a Dragon with its claws outreached and racing from the right to the left side of the Medal, with the year 2008 underneath.  The Official Olympic Rings and Logo for the U.S. Olympic Team in Beijing are presented to the right of the Dragon.

-  A Gold Plated Medal which features an adorable symbol of China - The Panda!  This U.S.O.C. Medal features a smiling "Panda Sam" carrying red, white, & blue accessories, holding an Olympic Flame, wearing a blue starred top-hat and a red starred bow tie.  The Official U.S. Olympic Rings and Logo for the U.S. Olympic Team in Beijing are prominently displayed to the left of  "Panda Sam".

Each Medal arrives with a box or without box and certificate of authenticity certifying that these Medals were produced under license from the United States Olympic Committee.  Your purchase of these beautiful Olympic Medals directly supports the United States Olympic Team, as a portion of the proceeds from every Medal sold goes to the U.S.O.C. to support current and future Olympians.

Bronze/Silver/Gold Plated, Medal: 1.75" Diameter, Box: 3.5" Diameter
Item: USA 2008 Beijing Olympic Medals
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