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Better Chinese Classroom Stickers APD031


These Classroom Stickers are perfect for teachers and parents to reward students for excellent participation and work! The stickers come in an assortment of sizes with phrases such as,  "好极了", "真棒", "佳", and many more. They help to make learning Chinese fun and encouraging! Price is for 4 pages 269 stickers. Include 1st page - Greeting Children (40 stickers); 2nd page - "太棒了" (12 stickers), "好极了" (12 stickers), "最佳" (18 stickers); 3rd page - "很好" (20 stickers), "佳" (25 stickers), "真棒" (25 stickers); 4th page - &nbsp;"好" (36 stickers), "棒" (45 stickers), "加油" (36&nbsp;stickers).</P>�

4 Pages, 8.25"x5.55", 269 Stickers, 0.9"x0.9" or 0.5"x0.5"
Item: Better Chinese Classroom Stickers
Our Price:US$ 3.95
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