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Playing Children Peddler Drum ATG110


These little drums, well-known throughout Asia, have been used since ancient times to call women from their homes to see the wares of the peddler who was passing through town. When spun from side to side, the beads hit the drumhead to make it resound. These beautiful drums feature colorful paintings of Yang Liu Qing New Year pictures -- playing children on both sides. Being ingenious and unique in composition, fresh and smooth in line, vivid and life-like in form, and strong and rich in the flavor of life, Yang Liu Qing New Year Pictures generally take ancient beauties, lovely children, folk customs or stories from classical operas, myths and legends as their source materials. Price is for one peddler drum. Let us choose one for you. Each one is as lovely as the next. *Please note: The image of Greeting Children may look slightly different from what is shown*

Plastic Handle, Diameter, 2.5" , Handle Length 5"
Item: Playing Children Peddler Drum
Our Price:US$ 5.95
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