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Lego-compatible Architectures in Forbidden City ATG256


Build your own mini replica of famous architecture in Forbidden City,  each set has high quality mini-blocks that are compatible in size and scale with Lego building sets. Follow the instructions for hours of fun constructing a mini replica of these famous architecture. For ages 6 and up, helps develop logical thinking, problem-solving, and fine motor skills.

太和殿 Hall of Supreme Harmony (742 pieces)  3.93"x10.08", Box: 14.04"x18.7"x2.67'
午门 Wumen: (1925 pieces) , 6.1"x11.6", Box: 10.24"x14.96"x5.9'
万春亭 Wangchun Temple: 11.93"x15.11', Box: 15.95"x14.17"x6.3"
角楼 Jiaolou (4934 pieces) : 10.63"x9.84", Box:10.24"x10.95"x5.04"

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Item: Lego-compatible Architectures in Forbidden City
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