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Round is a Mooncake B211


A little girl's neighborhood becomes a discovery ground of things round, square and rectangular. Many of the objects are Asian in origin, other universal: round rice bowls and a found pebble, square dim sum and pizza boxes, rectangular Chinese lace and very special pencil case. Bright art accompanies this lively introduction to shapes and short glossary explains the cultural significance of the objects featured in the book. Perfect for read-alouds or one-on-one sharing. The illustrator Grace Lin says: "Simple, yet elegant lines written by Rosanne Thong explain concepts such as round, square and rectangle in the context of an Asian-American contemporary world... I am really proud of the art in this book; I consider it my best work so far. This book was challenging and exciting because there was a much different feel for this manuscript than the others. This manuscript asked for much more refined and and less cluttered art. I had to slightly change (and improve!) my art to fit the words." Check out her popular Ugly Vegetables, Dim Sum for Everyone, and Where on Earth Is My Begel?.

By Roseanne Thong/ Grace Lin, Paperback, English, 32 Pages, 9.25'' x 9.25''
Item: Round is a Mooncake
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