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Best Chinese Names B217

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Unlike names in other languages, Chinese names are made up of individual characters, used singly or strung together. Best Chinese Names aims to help English-speakers select good Chinese names by providing various methods of choosing names. For instance, names may be chosen to express the parents' expectations for the future of the child, to commemorate a significant event, or to mark the time of the baby's birth. The names, thus chosen, fit the character of the individual, sound pleasing, and are easier to remember. This book provides hundreds of names, with sections for both male and female babies, suggestions on methods of naming a baby, and a list of English names compatible with Chinese names. Useful not only for new parents but also teachers and students who need to select Chinese names.

By Liu Xiaoyan, Paperback, English, 200 Pages, 6''x 8.25''
Item: Best Chinese Names
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