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Wuhu Diary BAD002


All Emily Prager had at first was a blurred photograph of a baby, but it would be her baby - if she journeyed to China to pick her up. Emily brought back to America the baby chosen for her. She was named Lulu, and Emily was determined to honor Lulu's heritage by sending her to a Chinese school in New York City's Chinatown. But of course there were always questions from Lulu about her past and the town of Wuhu, where she was born. And Emily herself had a special affinity for China, because she had spent part of her own childhood there. So together they journeyed to Wuhu, eager to discover anything they could. But finding answers was difficult, and at first they were met with suspicion, particularly after the U.S. accidentally bombed the Chinese embassy in Kosovo. "Wuhu Diary," is unique in that it tells of encountering-and understanding-a modern but ancient culture through the irresistible presence of a child, while it reveals the emotional bond that grows between Emily and Lulu as they try to become a part of this Chinese city.

By Emily Prager, Paperback, English, 238 pages, 5.8'' x 9.6''
Item: Wuhu Diary
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