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Chinese Calligraphy BAR112


This is a Chinese-English bilingual book for learning Chinese calligraphy. In the learning of Chinese calligraphy, we offer both fundamental knowledge as well as exercises for progressive practice. For the basic Chinese calligraphy knowledge, key components in the book are: the moving of the brush, the structure of Chinese characters, and the method of calligraphy layout. For the brush writing practice, this book offers 14 comprehensive exercises: from creating a simple stroke to writing more complex strokes. We trust this book is suitable to be used as a textbook for classroom as well as guidance for self-learning at home. Please view Table of Content in Simplified Chinese characters.

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters and English, 208 pages, 10.25"x7.25", 1 DVD (100 minutes)
Item: Chinese Calligraphy
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