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Chinese Calligraphy Made Easy BAR115


Author's unique approach to calligraphy comes from years of teaching this ancient art. Most teachers prefer to demonstrate all of the basic brushstrokes before teaching you how to form words. In Rebecca's experience, however, students soon become bored with this method and fail to progress. Whilst teaching new brushstrokes, Chinese Calligraphy Made Easy allows the reader to practise them, and brushstrokes learnt previously, by writing Chinese words. From this, the reader feels a sense of achievement and satisfaction at the end of every lesson - which, in turn, stimulates them to look forward to the next exercise. As the lessons progress, the words introduced become more complicated. When there are enough words to form phrases, projects are introduced. These include painting Chinese characters onto a bonsai pot, a t-shirt, a vase and making personalised greeting cards.artist.

By Rebecca Yue, Paperback, English, 160 pages, 9.6"x7.5"
Item: Chinese Calligraphy Made Easy
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