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The Art of Chinese Calligraphy BAR138


Chinese calligraphy is an ancient art form that utilizes Chinese characters as a vehicle to communicate the emotional and aesthetical world of the artist. The 192 pieces of Chinese calligraphy featured in this book are the most famous representatives carefully selected and chronologically arranged from the Zhou (1046 221 BC) and Qin (221 206 BC) dynasties to the modern time. Paging through the extensive collection, you may find the book a professional and practical manual of Chinese calligraphy, which offers an easy access to... The historical development of the five kinds of scripts The most celebrated calligraphers and their best works A guided appreciation for the artistic values of the works.

By Zhou Kexi, Translated by Yawtsong Lee, Paperback, English, 224 pages, 9.75"x7.75"
Item: The Art of Chinese Calligraphy
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