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Shadow Play BAR155


Shadow Play briefly introduces relevant knowledge about shadow play, demonstrates basic ways to manipulate puppets in both pictures and words, and provides the puppet samples and plays. The appendices of the book supply cardboard, shadow puppets, and prop designs, which facilitates learners with their own productions. Learners can also create new designs and make up their own stories for performance, based on guiding steps provided in the book with the materials such as cardboard, waste paper and cotton thread. Also included are 9 cardboard sheets with cut outs so you can create your own stories and 9 additional blank sheets so you can draw additional backgrounds or characters.


1 About shadow play 关于皮影戏
2 Models and structures of shadow puppets 皮影的造型与结构
2.1 Design and roles 造型与角色
2.2 Head and body 头茬与身子
2.3 Five facial features 五官
2.4 Patterns 图案
2.5 Carving 雕镂
2.6 Colors 色彩
2.7 Other figures 其他造型
2.8 Structure 结构
2.9 Handicraft technique 工艺制作
3 DIY shadow play 自制影戏
3.1 DIY shadow puppets 自制影人
3.2 Performance 操纵表演
3.3 DIY stage 自制舞台
4 Play scripts 参考剧本
4.1 The fox and the tiger 狐假虎威
4.2 The crow and the fox 乌鸦与狐狸
Answers 答案

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters and English, 42 pages, 10.25"x7.3"
Item: Shadow Play
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