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Origami Fun for Kids Kit BAR184


 Origami Fun for Kids is a great way to foster creativity by providing dozens of different paper activities. Nothing beats the sense of accomplishment that kids gain from making something with their own hands. Parents will love this kit as it allows kids to learn and play at their own pace—and maybe they'll even join in the fun!
Introduce your child to the basics of folding by folding up old standbys like a paper sailboat, a heart and a flower.
 Create a practical pencil holder and a candy tray—great gifts your child can give with pride.
Fold up a snake, an anteater, a macaw and other exciting animals!
Create a set of easy-to-fold finger puppets and color them to create an enchanted world of fairies, court jesters, kings and queens.
There are 20 origami projects in all, combining classic favorites with easy, original origami models. Sixty colorful origami paper sheets are included along with a detailed book and video instruction. Each project is rated by its level of difficulty, so kids can start with the easiest models and progress to more challenging ones when they are ready.

The DVD of tutorial videos enhances the steps and diagrams provided in the instruction book, making it even easier to fold a perfect model.

By Rita Foelker, English, 60 Paper Sheets, 64 Pages Book, 10"x8", (Book and Kit with DVD)
Item: Origami Fun for Kids Kit
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