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World Map BCM011


This complete World map identifies each country and its major cities in simplified Chinese characters and Pinyin. It also shows geographical features, roads and railways. A great learning tool for young and old, which also frames beautifully for display!

世界地图(1:33 000 000)是中国地图出版社不同比例尺世界挂图系列之一,是广大读者了解世界的一个窗口。世界地图:表示了世界各大洲、各大洋的总体分布;采用分国设色方法表示各国家和地区的地理位置;表示了其国名、首都、水系、居民点、境界、交通等基本内容。

Paper, Double-Sided, 29'' x 42''
Item: World Map
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