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The Mighty Qin: Beginning of Unified China BHC009


Did you know?
·Qin Shihuang was not the first ruler of the territory of Qin
·A prime minister was bought for only five pieces of sheepskin
·The famed terracotta warriors wore anti-slip shoes with spikes, somewhat like modern sports shoes
·The stinking corpse of the mighty Qin Shihuang had to be transported back to the palace with a cargo of fish

He ended the Warring States Period. He unified China. He created the mammoth Great Wall. He replaced the various scripts with one Chinese script. He had roads and carts standardized across the land, way before the modern concept of mass production was born. But he also did many things that would send shivers down your spine. He is none other than Qin Shihuang, the visionary First Emperor of the Qin Dynasty. Synonymous with the Qin Dynasty, Qin Shihuang was able to set up this empire by building upon the firm foundation laid by his illustrious ancestors. In reality, he consolidated their efforts and completed their work. Unfortunately, due to Qin Shihuang’s oppressive rule, the Qin Dynasty fell apart just four years after his death. Nevertheless, its influence far outshines its own 14-year existence. Therefore, knowledge of this dynasty is crucial to understanding China and her cultural tradition.

Paperback, English, 163 pages, 8.75"x6"
Item: The Mighty Qin: Beginning of Unified China
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