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Emperors of ChinaThis historically accurate educational series on China for Children continues with a look at some of the most famous leaders of China s past. From the first emperor who was buried in a city of clay and ten thousands terracotta soldiers to protect him over 2000 years ago the the last emperor deposed in suit & tie during the early 1900 s, come explore these fascinating stories with your own little emperors and empresses. As always, Tommy s books are worded with little ones in mind, yet provide enough educational nutrition for the whole family. Isn t it time to learn more about the most populous country in the world, one that is on course to boast the largest economy in the world once again after nearly two centuries of slumber?

Bodhi Goes to China!You ve already been to China in Tommy s previous books, now it is time to meet a very important man in Chinese history. Bodhidharma crossed over the Himalayas from India in his sandals to bring Buddhism to China over 1500 years ago. He is considered to be the father of Buddhism in China. He is also considered to be the father of Chinese martial arts having developed the early forms of Kung Fu specifically to give his monk brethren the strength and stamina to sit for long hours of meditation. Kung Fu is famous for its protection of the weak and helpless. This is a fascinating book that continues Tommy s amazing journeys through China s colorful history. Worded with little ones in mind, his stories provided educational nutrition for the entire family. So, what are you waiting for? Let s go back to China!

Let's Go to China!This historically accurate educational series on China for Children is designed to capture the attention of early readers and the parents they are reading to. Worded with little people in mind, the series provides enough nutritious substance to satisfy all ages. Parents, grandparents and even crazy aunt Rose will learn alongside the future of our kind. From the million man-year project in the Great Wall to the 10,000 terracotta soldiers buried with China s first emperor, come explore the history of a nation that had the largest empire in the history of the world, the largest navy ever assembled still to this day, and the greatest economy on the planet just 150 years ago. Tommy Tong brings China to life for your kids as they explore the interesting and exotic land that once called itself The Central Kingdom.

By Tommy Tong, Hardcover, English, 30 pages/book, 9.8“x7.75"
Item: China for Children
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