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Bravo Year (Deluxe Box Set) BHC028


The Boxset includes four booklets: Year Upon Year; The Longest Night, The Coldest Day; Spring Festival and The First Full Moon AND a “Four Seasons of Good Fortune” 24 solar terms POSTER.

Spring Festival, Winter Solstice and Yuanxiao (Festival of the first full moon) are important Chinese festivals. Do you know the origins of the three festivals? Do you know why they are so important to Chinese people? How does nature related to everyday life in a traditional agricultural society?

You can find the answers in Bravo Year. This boxset include four books, which tell the story of these festivals and the meaning of seasons in the eye of a farmer. The stories are told through colorful images and lively descriptions. The boxset comes with a “Four Seasons of Good Fortune” 24 solar terms poster. And readers could scan the QR code on the book to download animations.



每本書都有QR code,讓讀者下載動畫,隨書附送的「四季吉祥」海報更會告訴你二十四節氣是什麼。

Book Titles:
Year Upon Year 年
The Longest Night, The Coldest Day 冬至
Spring Festival 春節
The First Full Moon 元宵

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters and English, 4 Books, 33-37 pages/book, 6.5"x5.15", Box: 9.5"x6.9"
Item: Bravo Year (Deluxe Box Set)
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