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Chinese House is a visualized biography of little-known buildings in the cities and countryside of China. It is in these common houses that Chinese have been carrying out daily activities like living, working, studying, doing business, seeking recreations and even worshiping deities. Such houses that are hard to describe and often left in negligence have formed the normal state of Chinese architectures. Neither prominent nor grand, these ordinary houses embody moving details that reflect the real living space of contemporary Chinese. Each "Chinese house” is itself a colorful story of real life. Has anyone seriously observed the houses scattered in China’s metropolis, counties or towns? Huge in number, these plain buildings have nothing to catch news headlines. History hasn’t conferred them any special meaning, nor can they supply food for debates with ingenious design. However, such common houses represent the fundamental aesthetic awareness of contemporary Chinese.

Folk Residences
Temporary Buildings

Paperback, English, 171 pages, 9"x6.75"
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