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Essence Chinese Medicine BHH035


Improving Blood Circulation: A bi-lingual guide detailing fifty-two of the most commonly seen and used medicinal herbs classified as blood-activating, hemostatic or astringent. Includes color photos and descriptions of the actions and uses of each herb, with recipes to improve blood circulation and alleviate blood-related aches and pains.
Restoring Balance: This volume introduces 55 well-known balancing herbs and other substances commonly used in TCM. It explains the medicinal effects of these substances, how to identify, purchase and store them, and includes a wide variety of appealing and tasty recipes whereby they can be cooked as food for easy and enjoyable consumption.
Relieving Wind: Professors from the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine have set our these 50 recipes to relieve "wind", i.e. ailments associated with rheumatism and oedema. The herbal and other ingredients used are illustrated, and instructions given for their selection and preparation together with notes on dosage and probable effects. Insets offer tips and warnings. With illustrated indexes of names in English, Latin, and hanyu pinyin and of anti-rheumatic, diuretic and warming herbs. Bilingual in Chinese.
Health Tonics: The tonics described in this volume are beneficial to sufferers of a wide range of health conditions which afflict young and old, male and female alike. Features 108 home recipes for health and vitality.

《活血止痛》: 这本双语读物详细介绍最常见和使用的药用草药。附彩色图片和具体草药配方,用于改善血液循环,减轻和血液有关的疼痛症状。
《祛风消肿》: 为《中药精识》系列第4册。本书通过图 文、中英解析,详细介绍了常用祛风湿药、利水渗湿药 和温里药物49味,并由新加坡本地资深中医师,新加坡 中医学研究院院长郭美伶医师亲临指导和提供了相关药 物的特色药膳食谱49例。

Book Titles:
Improving Blood Circulation 活血止痛
Restoring Balance 清热化湿
Relieving Wind 祛风消肿
Health Tonics 药食进补

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters and English, 220 pages/book, 10'' x 7.6''
Item: Essence Chinese Medicine
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