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Far East Chinese Culture for Children (CD) BHT080


This audio CD is the companion for the book, Far East Chinese Culture for Children, which is an excellent children's resource to learn about Chinese culture, as well as the Chinese language. This CD covers all of the text in the book in both English and Chinese, and includes delightful background music. Great for home and classroom to teach children about Chinese culture.



  1. Map of China
  2. The Great Wall
  3. Firecrackers / Red Envelopes
  4. Chinese Traditional Costumes
  5. Dragon Boat Festival
  6. Moon Lady
  7. The Four Treasures of the Study
  8. Abacus
  9. Giant Pandas
  10. Silks
  11. Pagoda
  12. Tea
  13. Peking Opera
  14. Musical Instruments
  15. Chinese Chess
  16. Mahjong
  17. Peach / Long-life Noodles
  18. Terra-Cotta Warriors and Horses
  19. Martial Arts / Jackie Chan
  20. Ping-Pong / Basketball / Yao Ming


  1. Monkey King
  2. Hua Mulan
  3. Bicycles
  4. Chipsticks
  5. Dim Sum/ Yum Cha
  6. Zodiac Animals
  7. Chinese Lanterns
  8. Chinese Valentine's Day
  9. Kites
  10. Chinese Characters
  11. Shadow Show
  12. Hand Puppet show
  13. Chinese Acrobatics
  14. Seal Engraving/Chinese name Chips
  15. Yo Yo Ma
  16.  Dr. Henry Lee
  17. Tangram
  18. Beijing
  19. Chinese Chuttlecock
  20. The Four Inventions of Ancient China

CD, 20 Tracks
Item: Far East Chinese Culture for Children (CD)
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