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Traditional Chinese Culture BHT113


Traditional Chinese Culture focuses primarily on the finer aspects of the Chinese culture that have been passed down through generations. Some aspects of traditional Chinese culture appear incongruous with modern life. When these inconsistencies are apparent, the book provides an introspective look and explanations about how the Chinese balance traditional and modern lives. This is a wonderfully detailed look at the history and development of many important facets of Chinese life, art, and culture.


1.  The Dawn of Chinese Culture    2.   Chinese Philosophy-The Soul of Traditional Chinese Culture   3. Ethics and the Humanities  4. The Dominant Religions in Ancient China-Buddhism and Taoism   5. Colorful and Stylistic Historical Relics   6. The Cradle of Chinese Culture-Education  7. Chinese Calligraphy and Painting  8. Traditional Chinese Medicine and The Science of Health Preservation  9. The Culture of Chinese Food   10. Ancient Chinese Architecture and Traditional Chinese Culture   11. Traditional Chinese Culture Faces Challenges  

Edited by Zhang Qizhi, Paperback, English, 331 Pages, 5.25" x 8.25"
Item: Traditional Chinese Culture
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