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Highlights of China BHT118


This book gives a general introduction to the primary influences of Chinese culture. It is comprised of 15 chapters and includes the topics of Chinese history, philosophy, literature and art, ancient science, natural scenery, etc.
1. Ancient History and Brilliant Civilization 2. Centering on Man and Stressing the Deeds  3. Miraculous, Mystic, and Sacred  4. Ideograph and Pictograph Rich in Senses 5. Mighty Surges in the Flow of Literature   6. Eastern Styles of World Renown   7. Breathtaking Dramas on the Stage   8. Music, Singing, and Dance   9. Magnificent Architecture   10. Medicine Benefiting Human Beings   11. Exercises of Bones, Muscles, Vitality, and Breath   12. Splendid Chinese Cuisine   13. Pragmatic Chinese Inventions   14.Splendid Culture and Magnificent Natural Scenery   15. Meticulous Craftsmanship


Paperback, English, 314 Pages, 5.75" x 8.25"
Item: Highlights of China
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