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The Enduring Legacy of Ancient China BHT125


How do you bring Chinese culture vividly to life for students? To start, turn to The Enduring Legacy of Ancient China: Primary Source Lessons for Teachers and Students, a new curriculum guide. The first of two books on China (the second of which will cover modern China), The Enduring Legacy of Ancient China includes both printed text and a multi-platform CD-ROM packed with 250+ high-resolution images, documents, sound files, and other primary-source material, creating a much fuller learning experience than other textbooks that are based solely on secondary material. The guide offers 20 lessons on such widely ranging topics as family, politics, the arts, language, and technology. Lessons are organized in a modular way, so you can create an entire course or select one or more chapters to add to a language or social studies course. Designed for grades 5-9, it is available for review now, in time for fall course planning.

Paperback, English, 298 Pages, 1 CD
Item: The Enduring Legacy of Ancient China
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