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Story of the Silk Road BHT139


The Silk Road served for tens of hundreds of years as the main route of business over the continents of Asia. This book introduces the history of the Silk Road from the Han Dynasty's transnational businessmen to the cultural diversity of those who traveled the road. Pictures and paintings are included in each chapter. Chapters include: Zhang Qian's Journey to the West, The Early Merchants on the Silk Road, The Introdutcion of Buddhism into China via the Silk Road, The Dispute on the West End of the Silk Road, the Great Tang Dynasty and the Golden Age of the Silk Road, The Influence of Roman Arts on the Oriental Cultures, From the Crusades to Marco Polo, and more.

Paperback, English, 176 Pages, 7.325'' x 9.75''
Item: Story of the Silk Road
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