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Snapshots of a New China Culture BHT202


There are plenty of wonderful books about China that focus on tangible cultural artifacts, but this book, Snapshots of a New China-Culture, focuses more on people than things. With articles taken from the Shanghai Daily, this book covers everything from the Lantern Festival to Shaolin kung fu, and from stand-up comedy to traditional doll-making. Yes, some of the articles do talk about architecture, like the old Western-style residences of Shanghai, and some do mention object d'art, like modern sculpture, but people make up the heart and soul of this book. The book shows how culture plays a part of and impacts the daily life of people in China, and shows a little of how Chinese people live, think, and see the world.

From the Editors of Reader's Digest, Paperback, 179 Pages, 9.5" x 6.75"
Item: Snapshots of a New China Culture
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