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China: Empire of Living Symbols BHT207


Many of the 50,000 Chinese characters in use today can be traced back to ancient, inscribed oracle bones and bronzes. Drawing on archeological finds of recent decades, Lindqvist, a Swedish scholar who studied Chinese writing in Beijing, tells the fascinating stories behind the meaning and evolution of scores of Chinese characters. She notes that the original character for "hand'" may well have been a picture of a hand with five fingers; neolithic jars were prototypes for the character for "wine'"; the character for "speak or word" has a basic meaning, "large flute." Other characters relate to everyday life (houses, carts, clothes) or to the countryside, plants and animals. A testament to the continuity of Chinese culture, this beautiful book is illustrated with ancient inscriptions, 18th-century woodcuts and photographs of contemporary life demonstrating how ideogrammatic images recur as archetypes through the centuries.

By Cecilia Lindqvist, Translated by Joan Tate, Paperback, English, 448 Pages, 8.25" x 7.95"
Item: China: Empire of Living Symbols
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