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X-Ray: Examining The China Enigma BHT213


This book is a collection of 99 columns Raymond Zhou wrote for China Daily in the past few years. It is one man's outlook on mostly mundane changes - progress and frustration that make up the tableau of a country's breakneck growth. Zhou shies away from the big issues that everyone is familiar with; instead, he focuses on controversies that cannot be explained away with broad black-and-white strokes. His keen insight, sometimes infused with biting humor, adds a multi-dimensional hue to what would otherwise be regular issues of the week. Vast and sweeping changes are made up of many smaller ones - some expected, others more difficult to digest. By dissecting some of the befuddling happenings of the past few years, Zhou has put a personal mark on cracking the codes - cultural and otherwise - that run the emerging power that is China.

Contents: It’s the Economy; It Takes All Kinds; Inside the Red Compound; Rebel without a Cause; In the Wild World of the Web; Moral Vortex; Sex, Lies and Marriage; Highbrow and Lowbrow; Cherish our Tradition, Sensibly; Language Matters; When East and West Interact; When East and West Collide; In the Mood for Humor.

Paperback, English, 200 Pages, 9.5" x 6.75"
Item: X-Ray: Examining The China Enigma
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