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Dreaming Big in China BHT223


This book continues the focus of Living in China. The authors interviewed 19 foreign friends who study or work in China. Among them are a senior journalist, editors, translators, ecologist, ambassador, new-born movie, TV, and Beijing Opera stars, a descendant of foreign revolutionary friends born in China, and foreign Olympic coaches... You will surely be touched by their stories about their different Chinese dreams, big and small. Some of those dreams have been realized, while some are still in progress. Their stories show different experiences and life values, and reflect some of the realities of today's China. Get Living in China and Embracing Destiny in China in the same series.
Brilliant As Sunshine
Dream of Being a Kung Fu Master
A Foreign Model Worker Protecting Our Homeland
Creative "Plastered 8" with Its Chic T-shirts
A Spanish Girl and Her Dream of Traveling in China
A Love of China that Never Fades
An Englishman Who Has Beijing at Heart
A Half-Century Attachment to China
My Happy Life in China
A Garrulous American in Beijing
Pursuer of Childhood Dreams
Living by the Pen for 24 Years
Japanese Coach in Chinese Team Jersey
Her Spring Is in China
The Most Chinese-Minded Russian
Don't Take Me As a Foreigner
Japanese Monkey King on a Chinese Stage
"Teacher" Respected by 1.3 Billion Chinese

Paperback, English, 296 pages, 9.5"x6.75"
Item: Dreaming Big in China
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