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Once Upon A Time In Shanghai BHT228


In the early years of the century, Shanghai was famous not only for its spies and intrigues but as a refuge for the world's persecuted. Once upon a time in Shanghai is the memoir of Rena Krasno, from a Russian Jewish family growing up in Shanghai during World War II. The setting is multicultural, multilingual and multiracial, and the author provides fascinating details from the history of a city that no longer exists. This book is based on the diaries of Rena Krasno. The historic value of the book lies in the fact that Rena made daily diary entries and the entries included facts about the social events and people's life at that time. It gives readers a broad picture of various sides of Shanghai. Reading it feels like appreciating a huge social life roll unfolding. Firstrate research, good writing, and an interesting story add up to a great read. The book is remarkable because Rena is such a great and optimistic person who never lost her courage, never complained, and, in spite of increasing pressures, ploughed forward, maintaining intellectual and moral standards.

By Rena Krasno, Paperback, English, 153 pages, 9" x 6.75"
Item: Once Upon A Time In Shanghai
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