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One World: Bridging the Communication Gap BHT230


Prefaced by China's State Councilor, Chen Zhili, and translated by Canadian entrepreneur, Geoffrey Bonnycastle, this book reveals that the Chinese are just as bewildered by foreigners as foreigners are by them. The author's thoughtful and humorous explanations uncover the ordinary motivations behind what often seems like bizarre behavior on both sides of the cultural gulf. Foreigners and Chinese are revealed for what they really are: human beings with common hopes, worries, dreams, and desires. In explaining the exotic foreigners to the Chinese readers, this book also unveils how today's Chinese individual thinks of himself, his place in society, and his hopes for his country in the community of nations. As the author says: "Cultural differences create barriers to communication. But it is just those cultural differences that make the world so rich and varied, and create a need for exchange. By respecting each other's culture, we understand each other better. From our differences we learn much to the benefit of our own cultural growth and development."

By Zhao Qizheng, Paperback, English, 178 pages, 9.5" x 6.75"
Item: One World: Bridging the Communication Gap
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