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Unravelling The Mystery Chinese Faces BHT241


This book introduces Chinese culture, people and its characteratics with Western perspectives. Each story compares Chinese and Western concepts and explains why Chinese behave in certain ways.  
城市的面孔The Face of the City
吃苦耐劳的负效应 The Negative Effect of Hard Work
吃葡萄不吐葡萄皮 Eating Grapes Without Spitting Out the Skin
自助餐厅里的智慧较量 The Battle of Wits in the Buffet Bar
跨越语言门槛 Bursting Through the Language Barrier
狼图腾 Wolf Totem
感恩与回报 Showing Gratitude and Repaying Debt
含蓄的中国人 Subtle Chinese People
小人物的智慧The Wisdom of the “Little Guy”
一鸡两吃和老字号的名头“Two Ways to Eat a Chicken” and the Reputation of Old Brands
从“外宾”到“老外”From “Distinguished Guests” to “Lao Wai”
中国影星的国际声名 The International Reputation of Chinese Film Stars
用粮食种的蔬菜 Vegetables Grown from Other Food
广东早茶和软实力 Guangdong Breakfast Tea and Soft Power
张艺谋的绝招!Zhang Yimou,Behave
谁是傅满州?Who is Fu Manchu?
拿什么震住西方人 How to Charm Westerners
微笑问题The Subject of Smiling
文字崇拜The Worship of Chinese Characters
服装的时代寓意 Clothing Through the Modern Age
来自西方的诱惑 Temptations of the West
面子与体面 “Face” and Honor
面子与性命“Face” and Life
色?戒?Lust or Caution?
入乡随俗 When in Rome,Do as the Romans Do
顾家的中国男人 The Chinese Family Man
筷子和打蛋器 Chopsticks and Egg-whisks
“小窍门”和大发明 The Little Tricks and Big Inventions
“你结婚了吗?”“Are You Married?”
“不要叫我‘小姐”’“Don’t Call Me Miss”
厕所的现代化进程The Modemisation of the Bathroom
我们为什么要关注世界?Why Should We Care about the Earth?
爱国者的荣誉感 The Honors of the Patriot
“看中国人去”“Look at the Chinese People”
幸福观的前世与今生 Outlook on Happiness:Then and Now
为什么受伤的总是我们?Why Are We Always the Ones Who Get Hurt?
转弯抹角 Beating Around the Bush
圣诞节与文化入侵 Christmas and the Cultural Invasion
爱情生活(上) Love Life (Part I)
爱情生活(下) Love Life (Part II)
英语焦虑症 Anxieties of English
英语学习史The History of Studying English
饺子 Dumplings
乐天知命To Be Content with One’s Luck
是谁非 Who Is Right and Who Is Wrong

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters and English, 195 pages, 9.9"x6.75"
Item: Unravelling The Mystery Chinese Faces
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