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Quest for Chinese Culture BHT253


Quest for Chinese Culture was written by one of China's most well-known and highly respected writers, Yu Qiuyu. Yu has dedicated his life to studying and writing about Chinese culture. This book was written for people, both Chinese and Western, who do not have a deep knowledge about Chinese history and culture. Acting almost as a history primer, Quest for Chinese Culture introduces the complete development path of Chinese culture and the progress of its history, starting from the Yellow Emperor and then to Lao Tzu, Confucius, Mo Zi, Qu Yuan, Sima Qian, and many historic politicians. He also introduces famous poets such as Li Bai, Du Fu, and more.

  • Who was Huángdì?
  • Chīyóu's Progeny
  • Lǎo Zǐ and Confucius
  • Brilliant Black
  • The Táng Posts
  • The Taoist's Tower
  • Shānxī Guilt
  • Shànghǎinese


By Yu Qiuyu, Translated by Ian Clark & Yang Jing, Paperback, English, 212 pages, 8.25"x6"
Item: Quest for Chinese Culture
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