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101 Silly Stories From Cheerful China BHT256


Liu Jun is the editor of China Daily's Hot Pot section. In the book, he tells of many conversations between Chinese editors and Western writers that go something like this: Writer: "Why did you cut my punch line, 'Revenge is a dish best served cold'?" asked Australian Patrick Whiteley, a former editor. I replied: "I just thought cold dishes are delicious, and why shouldn't anyone like them?" Exasperated, he explained: "But in the West, 'Revenge is a dish served cold' means to treat someone badly in retaliation." Oops.

Liu Jun took charge as editor of China Daily's "Hotpot" column in January 2007. Since then, he says that he has "bumped into many barrier reefs beneath the seemingly placid surface of the sea of English-language writing about China." From Tuesday to Thursday, the Hotpots have regularly appeared on Page 20 of China Daily. Scores of contributors from various corners of the globe have discussed their first impressions of transportation, shopping and traveling in China, while others have pondered cultural differences, giving rich and vivid examples.101 Silly Stories from Cheerful China - China Daily Hotpot Column Collection brings together the best of these stories in one delightful and often hilarious collection. Says Jun, "Working on this collection, I came to realize that love, weddings and marriage seem to be a favorite theme. American Erik Nilsson, a quiet young colleague whose stories never fail to get a guffaw from us, has "married" - yet never "divorced" - a number of girls from various ethnic groups during his journeys throughout the country. " Read Hot Pot editor Liu Jun's complete review of the book..

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Item: 101 Silly Stories From Cheerful China
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