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The Feudal Empresses of Ancient China BHT261


The nature of the Chinese empresses attending to state affairs was fairly complicated. Some had to represent their sons because the emperor was really too young to rule a dynasty; some, due to their ambition for monopolizing power, deliberately supported and enthroned a young emperor who could be easily controlled by them after their husbands died, thus to gain the real power of the court. Some empresses even dethroned the crown prince designated by their husbands after his death or had the new emperor killed to gain control of the state for themselves. Some regent empresses certainly played an important role in stabilizing the dynasty; but others, however, brought a lot of troubles and crises to the dynasty due to their high ambition and low quality. Each empress is introduced with colorful paintings or photos of their palaces and regions they lived as well as detailed introduction in English.

Empress Lu Zhi: Wife of Emperor Gaozu Liu Bang of the Han Dynasty
Empress Ma: Wife of Emperor Mingdi Liu Zhuang of the Eastern Han Dynasty
Empress Jia Nanfeng: Wife of Emperor Huidi Sima Zhong of the Western Jin Dynasty
Empress Chu Suanzi: Wife of Emperor Kangdi Sima Yue of the Eastern Jin Dynasty
Empress Feng: Wife of Emperor Wencheng Tuoba Jun of the Northern Wei Dynasty
Empress Liu Jingyan: Wife of Emperor Xuandi Chen Xu of the Chen Dynasty
Empress Dugu: Wife of Emperor Wendi Yang Jian of the Sui Dynasty
Empress Zhangsun: Wife of Emperor Taizong Li Shimin of the Tang Dynasty
Empress Liu E: Wife of Emperor Zhenzong Zhao Heng of the Northern Song Dynasty
Empress Meng: Wife of Emperor Zhezong Zhao Xu of the Song Dynasty
Empress Shulu Ping: Wife of Emperor Taizu Yelu Abaoji of the Liao Dynasty
Li Shier: Wife of Emperor Zhangzong Wanyan Jing of the Kin Dynasty
Empress Chabi: Wife of Emperor Shizu Kublai of the Yuan Dynasty
Empress Ma: Wife of Emperor Taizu Zhu Yuanzhang of the Ming Dynasty
Empress Cixi: Wife of Emperor Wenzong Yizhu of the Qing Dynasty

Paperback, English, 185 pages, 8.3"x8.4"
Item: The Feudal Empresses of Ancient China
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