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China Insight Tradition and Culture BHT265


What kind of country is China? What kind of road has she traveled? What was her ancient civilization like? After you have read this book, you will find all the answers to these questions and more. You may go to China and discover a whole new world through reading this book. This book explains many aspects about the history of China. Some topics discussed include the evolution of Chinese characters, traditional ethics and moral value, Chinese lifestyle and diet, and more.


Table of Contents:
Chapter 1 - Homeland
Chapter 2 - Origin and Development of Chinese Civilization
Chapter 3 - History
Chapter 4 - Ancient and Modern Language
Chapter 5 - Traditional World Outlook, Ethics and Morality
Chapter 6 - Ancient and Unique Lifestyle
Chapter 7 - Traditional Economic Civilization and Its Impact
Chapter 8 - Brilliant Achievements Literature and Art
Chapter 9 - Outstanding Military Culture
Chapter 10 - Excellent Contributions to Human Beings

By Su Shuyang, Paperback, English, 287 pages, 9.75"x7.5"
Item: China Insight Tradition and Culture
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